Cuisine de Lamoure 'A chef in your kitchen'!
Cuisine de Lamoure'A chef in your kitchen'!

My siblings and I grew up with the smell of baking and at 85 Mum is still baking fabulous cakes in her coal-fired Rayburn stove! We rarely ate processed food and often helped Mum and Nan in the kitchen although I begged to be allowed to try a 'Vesta' curry and was very disappointed when it turned out to be curry-flavoured cardboard!         During my last year at school I met Alan, who wooed me with intimitate dinners in a French restaurant in Stratford upon Avon, and sparked my love affair with food  ...and him!                                                                                                                                                 After 'A' levels I attended Birmingham College of Food and then joined a Midlands-based Catering Company.I progressed through their management scheme and after experience in several canteens and directors' dining rooms was given my own 'unit'.              During this time Alan and I married and holidays in France, in hotels with good restaurants, became a priority. We loved travelling around an area and trying new dishes.  My interest in cooking grew over the years and developed into a passion for fresh, seasonal and locally sourced food. I continued to work in the Food Industry and when we moved to France 15 years ago I was unsure how to continue. Our daughter encouraged me to cook for the surf/yoga retreats where she was working - first in Morocco and then on the French Atlanic coast - and preparing exciting vegetarian food became an interest which continues to grow.                                                                                                                          I love to share my passion for food with people;  it gives me a 'buzz' when they enjoy a meal that I've prepared for them. Dinner parties and celebrations are a favourite but I also see a need to teach children where their food comes from and to encourage them to eat healthy balanced meals. Spending time in the kitchen with them gives me enormous pleasure and I hope to develop that side of my business.                                                            So... if you would like me to be 'A chef in your kitchen' for your next celebration or just a get-together with friends or you are interested in a workshop to develop your skills then get in touch and I can tailor your requirements to suit you and the occasion.

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